Effective Management Strategies for Resistant Weed Species – a GAIAC paper presented at the 2016 Prague International Weeds Science Congress.

Cover Crops ‘fashion or good farming’ by Patrick Stephenson

On a trip to Brazil during September 2016, GAIAC Vice-Chairman, Patrick Stephenson (of Patrick Stephenson Limited and Arable advisor.com) from Pickering, North Yorkshire, UK indulged in his passion of checking out cover crops the world over.

Patrick says “There is not a continent in the world where cover crops are not being trumpeted as the answer to a multiple of agricultural woes – including soil fertility, soil erosion and resistant weeds. Having travelled the world visiting various GAIAC members, the reality is that many claims, at best, are inflated and at worst completely wrong. The reality is that the cover crop must enhance the bottom line. On a recent trip to see GAIAC member Fernando Martins, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, in Brazil I was able to see a great use of cover crops to enhance profit, preserve soil organic matter, and help reduce soil erosion”.

View the Video: Laugh Live Learn and Play 

Contact: patrick@arableadvisor.com

Brandy Tannahill
Research Technician – Montana
Research Designed for Agriculture

Millenials in the Agriculture Industry

This presentation was adapted from the NAICC 2016 Florida Conference in which Brandy explained from a 29 year old millennial agricultural employee perspective how it is that young people act, think and function.  This was undertaken to foster connection, understanding and respect – including learning inter-generationally – from Millennials to baby boomers.

Global Minor Use Protocols

The GMUP website provides links to information regarding minor use registration programs around the world.  The site will be of use to consultants working with grower associations and registrants interested in the potential for obtaining minor use registrations to address pest problems in lower-acreage crops.

Click to Visit the Global Minor Use Portal

For questions or more information, contact:
Brent Wright, ICMS, Inc, Canada.

Managing the Business Side of Your Business

The Agri-Business Development Institute (ABDI) presents a series of webinars on a range of topics related to helping your agribusiness succeed.